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Februar 14

Konferencija o internet oglašavanju FuturAd
U Sheraton hotelu u Zagrebu, 14. februar.

Sheraton Hotel u Zagrebu bit će poprište Konferencije o internet oglašavanju FuturAd, 14. veljače 2008. godine, na kojoj će predavati vodeći svjetski stručnjaci i gdje će po prvi puta u Hrvatskoj gostovati Joao Cabral, Online Sales & Operations Manager – EMEA New Markets, Google.


Februar 19Februar 25

CeBIT – the biggest trade show for the ICT sector worldwide – is universally regarded as the no. 1 marketplace for digital business. In Hannover you’ll gain an insight into the future digital age.

As the figures demonstrate, the opportunities are international: some 6,153 exhibitors from 77 countries and 480,000 visitors from all over the world (379,000 of them professionals) attended CeBIT 2007. That’s without counting the international media. Approx. 8,000 journalists from across the globe reported on the cutting-edge developments and the future of the digital world.