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Švedska kompanija Mogul koja se bavi razvojem inovacija u oblasti IT-ja vas poziva na okupljanje Java zajednice zajedno sa lokalnom grupom – JavaSvet. Ovog puta, govoriće se o Apache Solr i SoapUI, a događaj je zakazan za 18. jun 2012. godine u Beogradu.

Mogul is a Swedish innovative IT development company operating in Serbia for 10 years. Mogul focuses on Enterprise Content Management and development of custom made applications. We apply Agile methodologies in projects and development, specifically Scrum, XP and Open source development. We build a team of successful people, taking care of our colleagues – knowing that people are the biggest assets of the company.

Mogul target a big market with our deep competence and long experience in application development, system integration and CMS and Portal implementations in Java. Working as part of distributed Agile software development teams, you will create high performing reliable code in Java for use in web based applications that comply with our coding and quality standards.


17:00 – Registration & welcome

17:30 – Apache Solr (Niksa Jakovljevic)
“Apache Solr is open source enterprise search platform using Lucene as its core search engine. Solr is like Lucene on steroids just giving a lot dmore than a simple search tool: full text search, facated search, highlighting, spellcheck, parsing (PDF, DOC, Images …), database integration (DataImportHandlers), clustering and lot more. Interaction with SOLR is done using standards based open interfaces like HTTP, XML and JSON featuring flexible XML configuration and extensible plugin architecture. Solr powers the search and navigation of many of the worlds largest web sites – some of them are CNet, AOL, digg, Instagram,, SourceForge …”

18:15 – soapUI (Robert Nemet)
“soapUI is the market leading Web Service testing tool with more than one million downloads. It is widely seen as a pure functional test tool, but it can be used in many ways in the test process; soapUI is a tool that can be used as a developing, testing, monitoring and reporting tool of SOAP and REST based web services.
Running on every OS, using best practices and technologies and supported by a large number of users it covers the whole process of Web Service development and testing, from creating contracts in WSDL and WADL, creating and running functional tests and load tests with various strategies, as well as reporting.
With its set of features it is a necessary tool not only for developing and testing web services but also for monitoring their usage and performance during the process. It enables a development and test process that is easy to understand for technical and non-technical users and is a perfect choice for teams that use any agile methodology. soapUI is the Swiss army knife of testing!”

18:45 – 19:00 Q&A


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