How to Web Conference 2014

20.11.2014. – 21.11.2014.

Peta po redu How to Web Conference, događaj koji spaja elitu regionalnog i internacionalnog tech ekosistema, će se održati 20. i 21. novembra u Bukureštu. 


This year, How to Web has an enhanced format, featuring specialized tracks with content tailored to your specific interests.

  • Future trends & entrepreneurship – How to Web’s main stage will host thrilling talks about tech entrepreneurship, investment, disruptive products and future trends that will impact businesses and industries worldwide. Don’t miss the keynotes delivered by tech leaders focusing on innovation in a broad range of disciplines!
  • Product track – Learn how to manage tech products, get user input and prioritize development stages, while coordinating a flawless execution. Participate in instrumental talks on best practices and success stories that set new quality benchmarks for delivering user experience from the first click to the last.
  • Game development track – Top game developers from around the world will share the secrets to their games’ global success through practical examples and hands-on case studies. Feel the pulse of the local and regional gaming industry and meet the people behind the games.
  • Angel investment track – Get involved in talks about best practices for investing in startups and derivative opportunities. Get together with other angel investors and uncover potential leads, while meeting top startups in the CEE.


Tech leaders from around the world will take the How to Web stage to talk about innovation across industries that is generating value for global communities.

You can see a list of all the speakers here.


Schedule for the How to Web Conference can be found here.


You can purchase tickets for the Conference on the following link.

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