Technology and Innovation Arena 2015

22.03.2015. – 24.03.2015.

Technology and Innovation Arena 2015 konferencija će se održati 22.03.2015 – 24.03.2015, u Crowne plaza hotelu u Beogradu.

Technology and Innovation Arena je platforma čiji je cilj povećanje broja inovacija zasnovanih na tehnologiji u regionu, sa ciljem povećanja investicija, novih radnih mesta, novih ideja, novih poslovnih prilika. Cilj platforme je takođe i da podstrekne kooperaciju u regionu između tehnološkog sektora i inovatora. 

About the conference

The conference serves as a place for dialogue between public and private sector, with the aim of making the entire region competitive on the european market as well as the global market.

It brings all the leaders of industry, both private and public sectors, to one place and gives them the opportunity to exchange their perspectives. It provides all participants with a chance to gain insights into the full potential of the market and to incorporate their business into it.

The conference serves as the accelerator of socially responsible initiatives that have launched last year’s “youth employment initiative in the region”. The main purpose of the initiative is helping young people to climb the career ladder.

Co-operation between companies and individuals in the region is essential for business development towards third markets. Joint co-operation of more companies offers higher quality and more favourable product and service range. The crises and history has motivated companies and individuals  to think about more efficient  and innovative business models and consider possibilities  of cooperation, rather than competition. Technology sector must be the driver for better world,  the driver to make our region better a place for living and working.

To whom is this event intended for?

  • Industry leaders, decision makers and individuals, from private and public sector, who would like to improve lives and businesses with innovations and technology
  • Technology companies
  • Telecom companies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Investors and finance sector
  • Academic society
  • Attorneys and lawyers
  • Media
  • Professional associations
  • Users of technology and innovations


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Prices and conditions

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