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The Sales Experience BelgradeKonferencija „The Sales experience“ održaće se 7. maja 2012. godine u hotelu Zira i na njoj će stručnjaci u oblasti prodaje kompanija Raiffeisen Bank International- London, Philips- Global, Novartis, e bay- Europe, Sony Ericsson- Global, Google, Xerox Nordic pokazati kako i u vremenima svetske ekonomske krize i recesije postižu neverovatne rezultate i profit i razmeniti iskustva.


“Тhe Sales Experience” će u toku jednodnevnih interaktivnih predavanja, vežbi i diskusija, razmeniti sa domaćim ekspertima saznanja u vezi sa najrazličitijim pitanjima u oblasti „Prodaje“: Kako da postanete tržišni lider kroz impelementaciju prave strategije prodaje; Analiza poslednjih trendova u oblasti prodaje; Osiguravanje pozitivnog ROI-a u toku kreiranja veće prodaje; Efektivni načini da pobedite konkurenciju i postanete lider na tržištu;

„The Sales experience“ okupiće stručnjake iz najvećih svetskih kompanija iz oblasti prodaje, jer iza neverovatne produktivnosti i uspešnih strateških poteza kompanija kao što su Google ili Raiffeisen Bank International, stoji odeljenje prodaje koje je direktno zaslužno za planetarne uspehe u poslovanju, koji ove kompanije čini jednim od najmoćnijih brendova današnjice sa pozicijom na samom vrhu svetske poslovne scene decenijama unazad.


09.00     Registration And Morning Coffee

10.00     Chairman’s Opening Remarks


10.15     Case Study: Learning’s About Becoming The Brand Market Leader Via Superior Execution Of The Sales Strategy

  • Getting the basics right to fuel Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE)
  • Align your sales drivers across the sales function to maximize the opportunity at every point of connection with your customer
  • Continuously break the day-to-day selling routine by engaging sales promotions and ever changing sales job parameters
  • Build customer rapport to co-create value
  • Customer Centricity means putting the customer in the centre of all organizational activities: How do effectively execute this with a customer university of over 21.000 individual customers?
  • Apply the Judo philosophy to successfully manage and motivate your sales force: Drawback to Win!

Petrik Dauer, Head of Sales and Trade Marketing, Novartis Consumer Health


11.00     Tuning Up For The Biggest Sales Trends 2012: THINK SOCIAL – Merging Multi-Channel Into Mega-Channel

  • Using the right social media channels to boost your sales performance
  • Using social media as a part of your business plan giving your sales people access to quality data where you can research key contacts
  • Recognize the opportunity to build relationships and generate new hot leads online
  • Creating a personal and trusted relationship via social media networks to beat the competition
  • Taking advantage of the social networking sites as practical tools to engage in better quality prospecting and improving conversion rates 

John Ray, Industry Head – Sales/ Business Development, Google


11.45     Ensuring A Positive ROI While Creating More Sales

  • Key principles how to boost your company’s revenue
  • Tracking every stage and metric of the sales cycle ensuring  the team stays on track to meet quota
  • Getting the most relevant information in the right format to the right person at the right time of the sales cycle for maximum revenue
  • How can sales and marketing work more collaboratively to successfully boost your sales
  • Invest in customer retention; strengthen your relationship with existing customers without incurring additional expenses

Carl Kallen,  Global Head of Sales – Telefonica Group, Sony Ericsson

12.30     Lunch For Speakers And Delegates


13.30     Positioning CRM As A Main Sales Strategy And Use It As A Marketing Channel To Reach Top Results

  • Sales organizations that win in today’s marketplace are customer focused and live ‘outside-in’
  • Winning ways how to empower your sales team with the right information about your customers: CRM professionalizes Key Account Management and Field Sales Forces
  • How to change your sales process to match your customers’ buying behavior and how to marry marketing & sales to profitably achieve common goals
  • The painful exercise of implementing CRM in your company and change the Sales Way of Working
  • The rewarding end result of a professional company & its’ customers embracing CRM

Anouk Vastert, Global Director Change Management Sales CRM, Philips


14.15     Effective Ways To Beat Your Competition And Become A Market Leader

  • Recognizing your strengths and focus on them
  • Why winning in sales require that you must compete
  • Developing a sales strategy that brings your strengths and bear on the opponent’s weakness will lead you to a competitive advantage
  • Having a leading sales strategy means having a strong team executing it effectively
  • How to have the mindset of a great sales person

Maria G Forte, Director – Emerging Markets Fixed Income Sales, Raiffeisen Bank International AG (London Branch)

15.00 Networking And Refreshment Break


15.30     Successful Tactics To Help You Find Potential Clients

  • Encouraging referrals from existing clients endorsing your business guarantee you new clients
  • Positioning yourself as a leader next to your competition –give the client a reason to buy from you
  • Try to provide an exceptional experience on the first sale
  • Offer options and bring solutions to increase the clients convenience
  • Teaming -up with related businesses gives you a higher chance of attracting new clients

Des O’Carroll, Senior Sales Director Europe, eBay


16.15     Tips And Tools How To Move Up The Value Chain With Your Customer

  • Understand the Customer pain-chain and adress the benefit of having a solution.
  • Look at the value of what your product can do rather than just the product itself.
  • Instead of just selling ordinary service and maintenance on equipment, then transform these activities into strategic value adding Services
  • Make your Customer buy a Service which include the product and all the competences and skills your company have on top instead of buying just the product
  • This is not about how to sell more products but all about making partnerships and help Customers meeting their objectives.

Ole Buus, Director, Global Document Outsourcing, Xerox Nordic

17.00     End Of Event


Maria G Forte, Director – Emerging Markets Fixed Income Sales, Raiffeisen Bank International AG (London Branch)

 Maria has worked in the financial markets in the city of London in some of the major U.S. firms. Starting with Standard Chartered Bank (Milan) for 1 year, then moving to London to work at Lehman Brothers for 9 years, next was Morgan Stanley & Co International for 5 years and currently Maria is working at Raiffeisen Bank International (London Branch) for more than 5 years. Her role as a sales person, selling Fixed Income products from the emerging countries like Romania, Serbia, Croatia and many others from the CEE region has intensified her depth of knowledge in the region

Anouk Vastert, Global Director Change Management Sales CRM, Philips

Anouk joined Philips in 2005 as Senior Business Excellence Manager. Throughout her years in Philips, she has held positions as Program Manager Earn to Invest and Global Director Marketing Excellence. In March 2010 Anouk became Global Director Change Management Sales CRM, where she among other achievements turned the IT CRM project into a business commercial project where sales is the lead. Among other responsibilities she lead the implementation of Sales CRM in the pilots of Lighting in China, US and Europe. Anouk previous worked within the Coca-Cola Enterprises for 10 year.

Petrik DauerHead of Sales and Trade Marketing, Novartis Consumer Health

Petrik has held his current position as Head of Sales and Trade Marketing at Novartis Consumer Health since 2008. Petrik is based in Munich, Germany and has previously held positions at companies such as Sunstar Germany GmbH, Kimberly – Clark where he was Customer Business Manager and Senior Brand Manager Europe. Petrik was also Marketing Manager at Diageo for 2 years.

Des O’CarrollSenior Sales Director EuropeeBay

Des is Senior Sales Director Europe- Electronics Parts and Accessories and Hard Goods Verticals at eBay, based in Twickenham, United Kingdom. Before joining eBay, Des was with Microsoft Corporation since 1993, where he held various positions such as Strategic Sales manager MSN and Head of Retail Banking Sector for Microsoft.

 Carl Kallen,  Global Head of Sales – Telefonica Group, Sony Ericsson

Carl joined Ericsson in 1997 as Regional Sales Manager – Latin America, being held responsible for operations and sales in Mexico and Miami-based distribution business. He later moved on to be Regional Sales Director – Latin America for Sony Ericsson. In 2004 Carl joined Sony Ericsson in UK, where he was National Account Manager UK and Head of Sales – Carphone Warehouse/Phone House. Carl has held his current position as Global Head of Sales – Telefonica Group for 4 years, leading activities with Global Sales team across all geographies in Telefonica Footprint.

John Ray, Industry Head – Sales/ Business Development, Google

John is an experienced international professional with strong sales, management, marketing, branding and communication skills. Proven track record of creating and maintaining global relationships with C-level Fortune 500 clients and prospects. Ray has over 12 years experience in media sales, strategy and implementation. Thorough understanding of advertising community across digital and traditional as well as media and creative agency planning processes. John has been with Google since 2004, where he was at first Vertical Specialist/Business Development before taking on his current role as Industry Head – Sales/ Business Development.

Ole Buus, Director, Global Document Outsourcing, Xerox Nordic

Ole is one of the pioneers in the Managed Print Service (MPS) marketplace. Ole has many years of experience in creating innovative Business Solutions to large international companies and organizations. He has held several senior management positions within IT companies in Denmark, such as Market Director at Minolta Denmark, Director at WRP Data, and several positions at Xerox as Director Indirect Channel, Director Technical Service and his currently role as Director, Global Document Outsourcing.


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